What are the prices?

Climbing shoe resoles are $33 per pair

Approach shoes are $45 per pair (full soles with Vibram dot tread)

Rand repair is $10 PER SHOE

Return shipping is $8 for a single pair, add $2 for each additional pair included in an order. (If you pay through the order form, shipping is automatically calculated)

How do I pay?

Pro Deal Resoles accepts Visa and Mastercard, payments through Venmo or checks/money orders. Prepayment is not required to begin or complete work on your shoes, you can simply send them in anytime with your name, contact info and return address included in the package and pay through the order form, through Venmo or with a check/money order at a later date. Of course, you can also prepay by completing the order form first or including payment with the shoes.

What’s a rand?

The rand is the rubber that wraps around the front of the shoe above the sole. Rand damage usually occurs around the big toe area at or near the seam where the sole meets the rand. Any holes or tears must be repaired. If the rand has no visible damage but is worn thin to the point a hole is about to wear through, I’ll let you know and get your approval before doing any work on it. Rand repairs alone cannot be done, they must be done with a resole.

How do I know if my shoes need a resole?

Wear usually occurs at the big toe. Check your soles periodically, when you notice they’re down to about 1 mm it’s time for a resole. Rand repair can often be avoided by resoling your shoes at this point.

How long do soles last?

Climbing rubber is a lot like the rubber on racing car tires. It’s sticky and therefore soft, so it will wear fairly quickly. A number of factors will determine how fast your soles wear out (either the original soles or a resole) but a good rule of thumb is about 3 months if you climb 3-4 times a week.

What rubber do you carry?

5.10 Stealth C4 4mm, Vibram XS Edge 4mm and Vibram XS Grip2 4mm