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Fast Turnaround

Current in-shop turnaround time is about 6 weeks

Rather than throw away your climbing shoes, we can repair and resole your climbing shoes so that they are as good as new.

Your complete satisfaction with any and all work done is 100% guaranteed

How long does rock
climbing rubber last?

Climbing rubber is a lot like the rubber on racing tires – high performance and short lifespan. It’s sticky and relatively soft, so it will wear fairly quickly. A number of factors will determine how fast your soles wear out (either the original soles or a resole) but a good rule of thumb is about 3 months if you climb 3-4 times a week. Rand rubber is typically less than 2 mm thick, focusing on precise footwork will prolong the life of the rands whereas dragging toes will wear through the rand fairly quickly.

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We carry these options in climbing rubber

xs Edge

XS Edge: Developed for maximum support, XS Edge allows you to focus your weight on the tiniest of holds. XS Edge keeps its shape through hours of repeated abuse, whether in hot or cold weather. Suggested use: in climbing conditions where secure edging is paramount. Optimal balance of performance and durability.


5.10 Stealth C4: Tried and true C4. It is extremely sticky, comparable to the Vibram XS Grip2 ( I think everyone is on the fence with this. Some think the stealth is stickier, others think the XS Grip2 is). Good for smearing and edging as well. All around versatility and performance.

xs Gripe2

XS Grip 2: XS Grip 2 improves upon the superior grip characteristics of XS Grip and delivers outstanding friction in hot or cold conditions. Suggested use: in climbing conditions where pure friction is the primary need. Exceptional grip in every condition.

Our Work

We don’t do “edgeless” resoles, however, your edgeless shoes can be resoled with a standard “edged” climbing sole, they turn out great!